Consulting Services

Dennis Roberts is an experienced Global Category Manager with demonstrated ability to deliver cost savings.  He has extensive international experience (Austria, France, China, India, and Brazil) and is proficient at building multidisciplinary teams.  Dennis is a seasoned project manager with strong influencing, collaboration, and negotiation skills.  He has built and maintained strong relationships with the personnel in the R&D, supply chain, regulatory, business management, and sales/marketing areas that are essential to drive projects through the organization and deliver savings.

SS&PPM LLC offers varying levels of consulting services to meet a Client's specific needs. Our objective is to provide the level of service and professionalism enjoyed by large multinational companies to smaller enterprises.  

SS&PPM can augment Client's staff during periods of peak activity without adding headcount.  Since Clients only contract the services when necessary, they gain access to the expertise at an affordable cost.  

Clients may want to focus on just developing a sound strategy and limit our consulting to Category Management concerns.  Or we can provide support to implement processes and train Client's staff to execute the cost reduction projects. 

Category Management reviews the current Spend for your company and segments the materials into appropriate categories reflecting their Supplier Base. This information is the basis for developing a viable strategy for each category of materials.

Project Management then implements the specific projects necessary for the Strategy to become a reality.

The Business Development services will help offshore suppliers register their materials to enable Clients to expand the Supplier Base.

Category Management

Strategic Sourcing requires strong collaboration with internal stakeholders to identify and mitigate supplier risk while managing the Supplier Base to reduce costs.  Category managers need a deep understanding of the market and the suppliers in a particular category to develop viable Strategies for each of the materials. To do this well requires experience and an on-going commitment of resources. However, the effort and the benefits tend to be more periodic and focused on competitive bidding activities. Companies may be interested in outsourcing their Category Management as a way of accessing the experience and knowledge base when needed, without the financial commitment required to maintain a senior level Category Manager.  We can also help to implement the processes necessary to achieve and maintain the savings.

Companies may also be interested in augmenting their existing staff to access a specific knowledge base or accelerate savings opportunities.  This is particularly useful after an acquisition or when entering a new market.  

Innovative strategies should also be considered to consolidate Spend or to broaden the Supplier Base to include Asian or South American suppliers.  We have extensive experience and contacts in these regions for sourcing Active Ingredients and Surfactants.

Project Management

The bulk of the work begins once the strategy has been established.  Finding the best suppliers generally starts with a competitive bidding process know as a Request for Proposals (RFP). This often requires several rounds of communications to make sure the proposals are appropriate and comparable. Implementing alternative materials cannot be accomplished without a significant level of support from disciplines other than Procurement.  Regulatory will need to update the registrations for all of the products using the material. R&D will need to test the alternatives to ensure high quality products.  And Supply Chain will ultimately have to complete their Management of Change process so that the alternates can be used in production.  Establishing a complete plan to identify all of the projects will help to set priorities and drive the projects to completion.

Business Development

Innovative strategies to broaden the Supplier Base to include Asian or South American suppliers are certainly beneficial to global producers using these low cost materials.  But the benefit to the off-shore manufacturers of those ingredients is even more pronounced. Understanding how a company‚Äôs product offerings line up with current suppliers' materials requires an in-depth understanding of that market and the supplier base. It may also require some regulatory activities to enable breaking into the market. The level of difficulty and the time required will vary greatly, depending on the type of materials and the strategy to be used.

Commodity chemicals are relatively easy and have low barriers to entry.  Clients may want to consider going through a Distributor to gain access in these markets.

Specialty Chemicals are a bit more involved since the specifications are more stringent and less available.

Active Ingredients are considerably more difficult and will take longer to plan and to implement.